3rd Grade

Mrs. Genie Georgacopoulos

Spelling Words:

 List 1:

disagree, disrespect, disobey, disloyal, discuss, disgrade, disable, imperfect, impolite, impossible, improper, disregard, impair, dislike, dismiss, distrust, distrupt

List 2:

disappear, discontinue, dishonest, disconnect, disability, immune, disbelieve, imperfection, impatient, immature, immortal, disassemble, impair, dislike dismiss, distrust, disrupt

Vocabulary Words:

isolated, alter, gullible, emphasize, novice, clarify, spare, strain, remain, exotic

Homework-Monday 2/12
Read 20 min./Reading Log
IXL: BB.2, M.3, M.4, DD.2due Friday
Both groups pgs. 265 & 266
IXL: N.13, O.12, O.13, S.2, S.3-due Sunday
K. Stavro: Activity bk. pg. 42 #1, #2
K. Roula: Vocabulary test pg. 89
Worksheet due Thurs.
Religion Test on Thurs.

Wear pink, white, red, or purple on Wednesday, February 14th
If you are sending Valentine's please DO NOT send any edible treats
Homework- Tuesday 2/13
Read 20 min./Reading Log 

Homework-Wed. 2/14
Read 20 min./Reading Log 

February Calendar

12-Prayer Service

14-Wear red, white, pink, or purple; Free Hot Lunch; Valentine's Day class party

16-International Greek Language & Culture Event @2pm

19-No School-President's Day

21-Prayer Service

28-Early Dismissal @ 1pm

29-End of Term 2; Hot Lunch; Prayer Service;


Classroom Information

  • Reading 20 minutes and reading log are assigned Monday-Friday and are due on Monday
  • Reading Station assignments are completed IN CLASS ONLY!
  • Math IXL assigned on Monday for the week is due on Sunday or otherwise posted
  • Math Test Retakes-all students can retake their test if they meet the following criteria:
    • Parent signs test
    • Makes test corrections
    • Completes practice work assigned by the teacher
    • Students will only take the questions that were missed
    • Retakes MUST BE DONE within 10 days after the test was returned by the teacher

Teacher Information:

Mrs. Genie Georgacopoulos- ggeorgacopoulos@koraes.org

Mrs. Stolorz- kstolorz@koraes.org

Mrs. Letsos- aletsos@koraes.org

K. Stavro- skariofilis@koraes.org

K. Roula- rboubourekas@koraes.org

Mrs. Kakis- ekakis@koraes.org