Welcome to First Grade

Today's homework 12/1

  • IXL
  • Read 20 Min

Upcoming events

Wed. Nov 29 - Nov & Dec birthday dress down day

Thurs. Nov 30 - Liturgy Church uniform no gym shoes K-8KPTA hot lunch; Boys' home game @ 4

Mon. Dec 4 - Liturgy Church uniform no gym shoes
Thurs.  Dec 7 - Santa's Workshop
Fri. Dec 8 - Santa's Workshop
Fri. Dec 15 - Winter classroom parties
Fri. Dec 22 - Liturgy - Christmas dressy clothes; Christmas Program @ 1:00

This week..

Week of 11/27

Math: This week in math we begin our new chapter! We'll be reviewing what subtraction is with some vocabulary words before taking our pre-test. We will begin the first two lessons of our subtraction strategies unit as well as wrapping up the week with beginning to learn about money with learning our coins and their worth. Throughout the week we will also be integrating math talks and games with adding 3 numbers together to review with our students. 

Reading: We continue with our fiction unit by studying retellings that are both written and spoken. We will think of examples of retellings that we know and then looking at what makes up each retelling. We will also be identifying story elements like plot and character trait in each retelling. We will also be looking at when to use capital letters. 

Spelling: Our spelling focus this week is long /i/ words with the magic e at the end!

Writing: We will begin learning more about personal narratives by reading stories that the author wrote because of a personal event that happened and practice writing



Looking Ahead for Next Week

Slight Change to Spelling: Normally for our spelling pre-tests if our students get 1 or 0 wrong, they progress to list 2 while if they get 2 or more wrong they will retry the same words with list 1. This week I noticed a common word that all of our students got wrong, so instead of counting it against them I put the tricky word on both list 1 and list 2 and put anyone who got 1 or less wrong not including the word pile on list 2 and anyone who got 2 or more wrong not including the word pile on list 1. Just some clarification to avoid any confusion :)
Library: Our students are doing great with their reading progress. Please keep your library books for one week as we will not be doing library this week! Thank you for consistently sending them back and forth. It helps us students stay engaged in reading both at school and at home.
Church:  Next church service will be on Monday and it will be a prayer service! 
Field Trip: On Tuesday we will be going to see Mrs. Claus! We are very excited to see this play again as there is always something new with a fun and familiar story. If you would like to send your student with a snack to eat in the morning feel free to do so to help tide them over until our return. Please do not send your child with gloves, hats, or scarves as we do not want to lose these at the theater. Your child must wear their green field trip shirt. 
There were issues with our field trip fee link, but they seem to work now. If you are experiencing difficulties, open the link on google chrome. This has helped but if you are still unable to make the payment, please reach out to me or Mrs. Despina.
If you were selected to be a chaperone but can no longer make it please let me know as soon as possible! 
Santa's Workshop: Our shopping experience Santa's Workshop is on Thursday Dec 7 and Friday Dec 8th. If you'd like to let them shop, please send money in a labeled envelope. You can also send a checklist or note with who they are to shop for. 
Christmas Program:  We love to celebrate the holidays with our community and what better way then with our annual Christmas program! Our students have received their poems and have begun practicing with Kyria Zoe. If you would like to practice at home, please send her an email at zkoultourides@koraes.org. Our program is on December 22nd and is open for anyone to come see. Keep an eye out for time and parking information! 

Contact Us!

Mrs. Shannon - snoyes@koraes.org

Presvytera (Art, Greek, & Religion)- galilakos@koraes.org

Kiria Roula(Greek)- boubourekas@koraes.org

Mrs. Letsos(P.E.)- aletsos@koraes.org

Mrs. Lind(Principal)- blind@koraes.org

Greek Class

Kiria Roula's Class

11/27 - 12/1

  • Monday; worksheets. Check the Blue folder.
  • Tuesday: reading page 53.
  • Thursday: spelling test ο δάσκαλος, το ψωμί.
  • Friday due Monday: Activity book pg  23, 24.

Presbytera's Class

Week of November 27th

  • No class on November 30 - Students attending  Liturgy.
  • This week we are reviewing Unit 2 - please see Unit 2 Study Guide that was sent home in folders
  • Unit 2 Review on Greek 123 due Wednesday
  • Unit 2 Packet (sent home in folder on Monday) reading fluency Quiz on Thursday
  • Unit 2 Test on Friday.  Use study guide sent home to review
  • Please check Greek folder daily for worksheets or reading practice sheets.