Kindergarten- Mrs. Diane

Dear Kindergarten family,  

Dec 1

Our kindergartners were so excited about returning to school after a time of thanksgiving!

This week we finished up our Schoolwide fiction unit. The unit has included many great books such as Could Be Worse, A Balloon for Isabel, and I Broke My Trunk! We will start Nonfiction next week. Short comprehension passages about friends and fun were read aloud as a group.  Details from the story were identified. We also reviewed choosing the correct punctuation for sentences including period, question mark, and exclamation point. In Math, subtraction and telling time to the hour were introduced. 

On Monday we have a field trip

Dear Kindergarten family,   

Tomorrow we are so excited to be going to see Mrs. Claus at the Beverly Arts Center!! Please ensure payments are made by tomorrow morning or you cannot come with us.

Also please remember to wear the Green Field Trip T-Shirts and pack a snack! We will be having snack before we leave and then eating lunch upon our return.

-Santa Shop will be Thursday morning.

Greek Homework Ms. Panos: none

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