E Learning

Last Year the School Board approved the introduction of E-Learning so our students don't miss out on class time during inclement weather.
This option was approved last year by the School Board.  The goal of eLearning days is to allow important instruction to be completed without a gap in learning.  While this does not take the place of face-to-face class time, it does allow for continued learning. 

ELearning is the use of technology to enable people to learn anytime and anywhere.  eLearning days will offer a blended learning environment for students. Teachers will prepare lessons aligned with the instructional goals that are ongoing in each classroom.  The assignments will not be excessive or difficult, but relevant and familiar to the students so as to minimize anxiety for both students and parents.  Assignments will be available through Google Classroom for students in grades 1-8 including Greek and PE.
Teachers will be working from home on eLearning days therefore they are available to answer questions via email. Please read through the information provided on our website to ensure that you have a good understanding of expectations.

It is our desire to make eLearning days a meaningful experience for our students.  Your help in facilitating the use of these days is greatly appreciated and necessary for this to be successful.  It is our hope that the winter is mild, and inclement weather will have a minimal impact on the educational schedule of our students and staff.