​Our beloved Koraes School is a unique gift to our community.  It is one of only a handful of Greek Orthodox day schools in our nation that provides an outstanding Orthodox and academic education, in a secure, loving and nurturing environment, and fosters relationships among students that last a lifetime.  As you well know, when you graduate from Koraes, you are equipped not only to succeed academically in high school and beyond, but to grow in Christ, and to thrive in our community.  The relationships developed at Koraes – with each other, and with the Church, will last a lifetime and are the greatest gifts that a school can give.
We pray that we can come together now to secure the future strength and vitality of our precious jewel, but we all need to help! 
Together with the dedication of our School Board, you need to know that there are many positive things going on in our School, with every day raising the educational value offered to our children.  We are doing our best to make Koraes one of the best options for a child’s education – and we are truly succeeding! 
We need your help!  We need your support and prayers!   If you can assist in any way,  please consider making a donation to your beloved school.
To give to our campaign please click on the link below: