Dear Koraes Families,

Our school participated in the Great Kindness Challenge last week. The Great Kindness Challenge is the dedication of one entire school week to performing as many acts of kindness as possible,  Across the nation, it was estimated that over 5 million students  participated this year and performed approximately 250 million acts of kindness.  During the Great Kindness Challenge everyone in our school was asked to focus their efforts on committing  great acts of kindness towards one.  The result was that hundreds of “kind acts” were performed at Koraes alone – check out the windows at each of our classrooms to see just how kind we were!  Among the many acts of kindness performed were: helping a younger students; telling a joke to make someone who is sad laugh; holding the door open for someone; sitting with a new group of friends at lunch; picking up trash on campus; writing a thank you note to someone special; and helping your teacher with a needed task.  It is our hope that these acts of kindness will continue and become the beginning of a  “kindness trend” at our school  that  will catch on with everyone from the smallest child to the adults in our world.

Diakonissa Mary Zaharis, PhD