No School on Columbus Day - October 12th

Recess time!


Dear Koraes Families,

We will now be entering the second week of fall and continue to enjoy the beautiful sunshine, the blue skies and the pleasant temperatures.  The children are really enjoying their recess time outside and so are the teachers!  Thank you for embracing our new drop-off/pick-up procedures.  To assist us in providing a safe place for children, we ask that you do not move the cones so that you can drive across the lot at any time.  Doing so may save you a few minutes of time but greatly compromises the safety of our children.  Midterm reports went home in the Friday Folder today.  Take a few moments to discuss your child’s progress.  Highlight and celebrate areas in which your child is doing well.  Equally as important, discuss areas in need of improvement.  Brainstorm with your child to come up with a list of strategies that will help him/her be more successful in school and post this list on the refrigerator.  An awesome team of support is created when the home and the school come together!  

Diakonissa Mary Zaharis, PhD